The Secret Weapon

On the surface it appears that senior executives manage a myriad of initiatives on many different levels. But from my observation, they manage only one thing. Communications. How and what we communicate shapes our reality. And how effective we are at managing these everyday exchanges determines how productive our organization is, how happy our employees are, and how profitable the company becomes.

Talk is cheap. And no matter what anyone says, actions always speak louder than words. It is rare to work with, or for, someone who is insightful enough to distinguish and generate the exchanges that actually create alignment, productivity, innovation, and job satisfaction out of the noise of everyday business activities.

However, when a leader has the ability to jettison past-based, unproductive conversations that crush creativity, waste time, erode morale, and hinder action ̶ and replace them with future-based communications that inspire leadership, unprecedented action and decision-making, they possess the secret weapon for success, and a huge competitive advantage. Being able to honor the past and use it as a constructive foundation for the future is a powerful force toward building breakthrough business performance, a culture people want to be part of, and a strong brand.

Peak performance requires us to use language in a different way to create the future we want to live into, instead of continuing a story that holds us back. Most executives ask, “How can I get people to “buy-in”. Instead, they should ask, “How do I create ownership?” This innovative way of thinking and asking questions can transform an entire workforce from people who are just going through the motions and mind-numbingly doing their job, to leaders at every level who become brand evangelists and an unstoppable force to achieve organizational goals.

Kelly Ashton Bradley builds brands that engage people, fuel loyalty, and drive profitable revenue growth.


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